One of the most asked questions once a engagement session is scheduled is, what should we wear? Here is some good advice to make sure you are dressed for success!!

  • Think about the location for the shoot: choose outfits that complement your surroundings, wear clothes that match the mood or feel of the photos you want to take. For example, if your shoot is going to be in a park or field – natural, young and fresh – is better to go for casual looks, jeans and nothing too dressy.

  • Coordinate color scheme: this doesn’t mean you have to be matchy-matchy, you can wear colors that complement each other and clothes that have common shades. When putting outfits, an easy starting point is to choose one hue, then combine it with a neutral (black, white, beige, grey, jeans…). Once you have decided on your main color, you can accessorize if you wish adding one more color or two in the same palette or in a different one to create contrast.

  • Match styles: casual or elegant, dressed up or vintage… whatever the style you choose, make sure you are on the same page with the others in the photo session.

  • Layers and props!: add more interest and depth to the outfits with accessories, cardigans, glasses, jackets, head pieces, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, flowers in the hair, hats… layers look beautiful in photos. Do it right and you will look more stylish, your personalities will show more and the photos will look much better. Bringing props is also great! Balloons, nice photo frames, instruments you play… if you can think of anything that means something special to you or your family, bring it to the shoot, photos will be extra personal and more illustrating of your life.